Personalized Styleboard
Our favorite option (and we think it’ll be yours, too). If you aren’t sure where to start, or what to do – this is for you. We’ll come to your home, take some measurements, talk to you about what you’d like, get to know a little bit about how you want to use the space, and then we’ll create a custom, personalized styleboard for your space with photos, floorplan and links to the items we’d think would work well in the space. We’ll give you a “high end” version, and a “budget friendly” version so you can make your own choices. You’ll be able to work on your space yourself, buying items as you’re able to fit them into your budget, and you’ll have a plan to work from!
One of the great things about this option is that we can work with anyone. If you can operate a measuring tape, and take a decent photo, we can create a styleboard for you, no matter where you live!
– $150 per room
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Home Staging
Getting ready to put your home on the market and need some advice with staging? Has your home been on the market for a while and you feel that you might need help to sell it faster? What you love in your home might not be what potential buyers like – we can advise you on different steps you can take to make your home appeal to a wide audience of prospective buyers!
-$75/hour in the State College Area
* Travel outside the State College area may include additional fees.
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Interior and Commercial Styling
Details soon!

Are these options not the right fit for you? Get in touch with us – we’ll work with you!